October 7, 2022

ANOTHER terrifying mouse plague has hit Australia with one man waking up to find a rodent chewing on his hand.

Farmers and rural residents in North Burnett, Queensland are being swamped as the pesky rodents threaten to overrun homes.

A mouse plague has hit Australia once more


A mouse plague has hit Australia once moreCredit: ABC news
One man woke up to find a rodent chewing on his hand while others reported pests burrowing into hair


One man woke up to find a rodent chewing on his hand while others reported pests burrowing into hairCredit: ABC news

The mild winter and wet summer have contributed to creating the perfect conditions for the rodent pandemic.

And locals are sick of the infestation which follows on from last years mice plague.

Susie Capewell claimed to have caught nearly 1,000 mice in the past two weeks, reports ABC.

She said: “We mostly get them at night times… the more traps you have, the more you get.

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“I have spoken to a couple of people in town, one person who got bitten in his bed on his hand, they were chewing on his hand.

Brett Jordan, who owns Norco Rural Stores said the plague started several months ago but the number of mice increased in the past few days.

He said: “We’re not going to order any more feed in because we’re just losing it as quick as we get it in.

“We’ve probably lost about $11,000 this month in feed…they’re destroying it overnight.”

Local veterinarian Dr Nathan Hitchcock said the mild winter last year coupled with a wet summer grew long grass and created the perfect conditions for a mouse plague.

‘Two mice can turn into 12 mice in 20 days… so your population explosion can be pretty dramatic,’ he said. 

It’s understood locals approached the North Burnett Regional Council about what they can do to resolve this issue but are yet to receive a response.

Last year Aussies were told to tie string around their trousers to stop scurrying rodents running up their legs.

Millions of the rodents terrorised farmers by chomping on their crops and chewing through housing.

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And shop owners also reported that they spent six hours a day cleaning up excrement left by the mice.

Three people were even bitten by the rodents while being treated in hospital as the infestation ran riot.

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