October 4, 2022
Mystery as mum’s baby son is found dead inside her FREEZER as cops probe newborn’s death

THE mum of a baby found dead inside her freezer has spoken out.

Kyle Patten’s son Kevin was found in January and police were called after neighbours heard spine-chilling screams.

Kylie Patten has spoken out following her son's death


Kylie Patten has spoken out following her son’s deathCredit: Facebook / Kylie Patten
Newborn Kevin was found dead in a freezer in January


Newborn Kevin was found dead in a freezer in JanuaryCredit: Facebook / Kylie Patten

The mum-of-four, 40, from Victoria, Australia, since wrote online: “My days with Kevin will never end and all my babies.

“Mummy couldn’t stop the world but I can stop to know you all.”

And she put under an image of Kevin in hospital, thought to be soon after he was born: “Nevertheless Daddies are there .. 

“Love always, I asked for you to be always near .. Mum wants to see you and I still do…”

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Ms Patten was arrested at the scene but released without charge the following day. Police are still hunting the killer.

She posted three days after Kevin’s funeral in March, which featured a tiny coffin lowered into a grave at the town’s cemetery.

Ms Patten called Kevin a “brave heart at rest” in the funeral notice.

But she did not name his father, who is still unknown, despite listing the rest of his family.

The notice read: “Kevin passed away on January 19 2022 aged 3 months.

“He was the dearly loved son of Kylie and much-loved brother of Desiree, James, and Jack. 

“Kevin was the grandson of Wayne and Sue Patten. A brave heart at rest.”

And last month she wrote on social media: “Grief never ends. But it changes. It’s a passage, not a place to stay.

“Grief is not a sign of weakness, nor a lack of faith. It is the price of love.”

Ms Patten had moved back in with her parents just before Kevin’s birth so they could help raise him.

Her other children have grown up, left or live with her former partner.

She blamed a “sneaky” man in text messages to a friend, adding: “I know who was at my place that night. I’ve already told the police who put me in handcuffs.

“No one can do anything without further evidence.”

She added that she was “depressed” and still trying to come to terms with the loss.

And she said she regretted that Kevin’s dad never got to meet him.

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After his birth, Ms Patten had proudly posted a photo on one of her Facebook accounts and gushed: “Kevin John Patten Mummy loves you to the stars n all the way back to earth. XXXXXX'”

She also shared several photos of her son in January, captioned: “Proud, looked so damn well cutie had to… Love you xo”

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