October 7, 2022
Loving the 80s, a Facebook community that is partnered with JoBlo and Arrow in the Head, has surpassed the 100,000 follower mark!
Loving the 80s

We have a special fondness for entertainment from the 1980s here at JoBlo and Arrow in the Head. We enjoy the products of that decade so much, we partnered with the Facebook community Loving the 80s so we can celebrate them every day. Now we’re thrilled to share the news that Loving the 80s has officially reached the 100,000 like milestone, and as of this writing has over 104,000 followers!

Loving the 80s is described as

a community page for everything from the 1980s… and some 90s too!

As you can see when you click over to the community page, posts are dedicated not just to films that were released in the 1980s or TV shows that aired during that decade, but also to the continuing franchises that began in the ’80s, or had installments released during the decade. So when there’s news about Indiana Jones 5 or the upcoming Disney+ Willow series, you’ll see it shared on Loving the 80s. Love Star Wars? Loving the 80s loves it, too! You’ll also see James Bond, Godzilla, and King Kong news in there, because those franchises were around in the ’80s. And when something new is set in the ’80s, like the Netflix series Stranger Things, it gets some love on there as well.

Loving the 80s also features community polls, like one that was posted yesterday to ask followers whether they prefer Porky’s or Fast Times at Ridgemont High, and a steady stream of informative and celebratory memes like the ones you can see below.

The 1980s were an awesome time for film, television, and music. So if you love the ’80s as much as we do, head over to Facebook and add your likes and follows to the mix. Come join 100,000+ others in the Loving the 80s community!

Return of the Jedi Loving the 80s
Loving the 80s Dirty Dancing
Loving the 80s Helena Bonham Carter
Loving the 80s Funny Farm

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