October 7, 2022
Ukraine news LATEST: Vladimir Putin 'fears for his LIFE' as despot's war 'undermined' by FAILURE to control Black Sea

COMMENT: Isolated Russia’s growing links with sinister states like North Korea, Iran and China is evidence of a new Axis of Evil

This is a comment piece by Douglas Murray

“NOT many people have congratulated Vladimir Putin on his war in Ukraine.

Most world leaders have condemned it as a moral and military blunder on a staggering scale.

One of the few people who thinks otherwise, or says he does, is Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khameini.

In a recent meeting with Putin he praised “Your excellency’s pre-emptive initiative” in launching his war on Ukraine.

The Iranian leader pretended to believe that the West was going to attack Crimea if Putin had not got in there first.

It is an interestingly mad view of recent events.

But it should be seen in a wider context.

It is part of a pattern of movement going on in the world today.

Vladimir Putin is looking for friends wherever he can find them.

And as it happens there are a number of countries around the world who are also more or less begging for friends.”


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