October 2, 2022
Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart

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Image Credit: Caesars Entertainment

Still cooking up the best! Martha Stewart has done everything from tablescapes to tulips to TV, but it took until now to have her first restaurant.

The lifestyle queen, 80, just opened her very first eatery, The Bedford at Paris Las Vegas, and couldn’t be more thrilled. And while she knows it’s a “strange” time for her to be opening her first restaurant, Martha knew it was the right time.

Martha Stewart
Martha Stewart just opened her first restaurant at 81 years old. The Bedford by Martha Stewart is in the heart of Las Vegas. (Caesars Entertainment)

“It’s a rather strange time for me [to do this],” she told HollywoodLife at an exclusive media brunch on Aug. 13, 2022. “When most people my age are retiring, I embark on a restaurant of all things,” she went on, adding, I’ve always wanted a restaurant and this opportunity I couldn’t pass down. I just love the idea.”

The Bedford is a near-perfect replica of the dining room at Martha’s Bedford, New York estate. Cabinets filled with elegant crystal frame the dining room, which features a beautiful woodgrain, faux bois finish just like at Martha’s.

Framing the room are digital panels that look like the pastoral views beyond the Bedford estate. (Adding a bit more Vegas magic, the panels will change from season to season, showing off the fall leaves and winter snowscapes.)

Martha Stewart
The Bedford is a near-perfect replica of the dining room at Martha’s Bedford, New York estate. (Caesars Entertainment)

The menu is full of elevated takes on classics like a smashed potato and whole roast chicken carved tableside, old Vegas style. But a meal isn’t cheap, with entrees running from $35 to $160 a plate. (And ‘s not counting the $251 caviar-coated buckweat crepes available off the appetizer section.)

While Martha is an expert at everything from endives to entertaining, it took a village to create The Bedford. Martha’s righthand guys Kevin Sharkey and Thomas Joseph teamed up with Caesars Entertainment to create the perfect experience.

“Teamwork is everything. If you don’t find people who think similarly to you and have the same likes and dislikes, it’s not going to work so well,” she explained. “We’ve always looked for like-minded people who have really good taste and a really good imagination. And a penchant for excellence.”

Now, a taste of excellence is in reach for all. The Bedford By Martha Stewart is located in Paris Las Vegas and reservations are available now.

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