October 4, 2022
The Hills

The Hills

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Spencer Pratt has some choice words about his The Hills: New Beginnings co-stars! The 38-year-old took to his TikTok on may 18 to share some thoughts about the new MTV reboot with an all-new cast, reflecting on why he thinks the New Beginnings reboot was cancelled after two seasons.

“We’ve got breaking news — The Hills reboot with a new cast has been greenlit,” he began in the video which featured the show’s memorable theme song, “Unwritten” . “I cannot confirm or deny that I may end up narrating the series. Most likely, I’ll probably just be the host of the after-show. That’s what I’m manifesting with my crystals.”

He then went on to diss his former cast mates.

“But, you know, I’m excited because the cast I was involved with was hot garbage,” he added. “So, I look forward to this new cast, who probably deserve to be on television.”


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♬ Unwritten – Natasha Bedingfield

The Hills originally premiered on MTV in 2006 as a Laguna Beach spinoff and centered around its star, Lauren Conrad. The show also heavily featured Spencer’s now-wife Heidi (Montag) PrattAudrina Patridge, and Whitney Port, who originally worked with Lauren at Teen Vogue before having her own spinoff, The City.

After Lauren left the show mid-season 5, her former Laguna Beach co-star Kristin Cavallari took over as the centerpiece of the series and lead it through its sixth season.

After the series wrapped in 2010, the network brought it back in 2019 as The Hills: New Beginnings, also bringing back its former stars like Brody Jenner, Justin “Bobby” Brescia, and newcomers Mischa Barton and Brandon Thomas Lee.

The Hills
‘The Hills’ cast (JASON SZENES/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock).

The reboot proved to be somewhat unsuccessful, getting cancelled after two seasons on the air. As far as what caused production to stop, sources told TMZ that it had to do with a few different issues. One was that producers apparently wanted to bring in younger cast members to diversify the show but several of the original stars didn’t want that to happen. Another issue was reportedly that some of the cast didn’t like the way the reboot turned out because they felt it wasn’t the show the network promised them. They felt like it was forced with fake storylines and confessionals and refused to continue.

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