October 3, 2022
'Money Heist Korea' Trailer Dropped by Netflix Ahead of June Release

A crew of thieves including Tokyo, an ex-soldier, unite under the leadership of a mastermind known as the Professor to plan an unprecedented heist – stealing money yet to exist! If that sounds familiar, it should.

The twist is that Netflix hit series La Casa De Papel (Money Heist) has been given a cool Korean favor.

First-look footage is now available. And the K-drama reinterpretation “Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area Part 1” premieres from June 24.

The plot twist is that Korea is on the verge of unification and there is a Joint Security Area – located where today’s North and South Korea are divided – which contains a mint that becomes the focus of the action.

Amid the reunification process, the mint is printing a new unified currency as the groundwork to build a stable joint economy. But despite people’s hopes for unification it seems that only the rich got richer.

The only things standing between the gangsters and their prize is a joint task force led by South Korean negotiation specialist and a North Korean agent.

The new show is directed by Kim Hong-sun and produced for Netflix by BH Entertainment and Zium Content.

“I was intrigued by the premise of the remake because not only is it about the conflict between robbers and police, but also it adds new layers such as the tension, mistrust, and harmony between North and South Korea,” said writer Ryu Yong-jae, who was also a big fan of the original Spanish series. “[It is] a situation where thieves from North and South Korea join forces, and police from North and South join hands to stop their way, [adding] a Korean lens to the original IP.”

The teaser also highlights the fan-favorite characters – Professor performed by Yoo ji-tae, Tokyo performed by Jung Jong-seo, and Berlin performed by Park Hae-soo of “Squid Game” –  all in iconic red jumpsuits, with traditional Hahoe masks.

“The original ‘Money Heist’ demonstrated how superb storytelling can be loved everywhere, and Korean content has proven to have this same power. We can’t wait to see how the world will react as we unite this epic story with top Korean talent and a passionate global fandom,” said Keo Lee, director of content for Netflix Korea.

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