October 7, 2022
Tim Miller and Jennifer Yuh Nelson talk Love, Death, + Robots Vol. 3

Love, Death, + Robots Vol. 3 has been unleashed upon Netflix, triggering a moral panic and fear of technology among Netflix subscribers across the globe. Each episode explores the concepts of love, death, or robots, and sometimes, all three. Love, Death, + Robots Vol. 3 is a tour de force of talent with some of the most experimental animation studios in the game taking part in the Tim Miller-created anthology series.

We recently spoke with Love, Death, + Robots creator Tim Miller (Deadpool, Terminator: Dark Fate) and Supervising director and series contributor, Jennifer Yuh Nelson (Kung Fu Panda 2, The Darkest Minds) about the newest season of the thought-provoking series. During the discussion, we spoke with Miller and Nelson about the pitch process for Love, Death, + Robots, what keeps the series fresh and exciting, how they choose each story and studio, and what it’s like to jump from one outrageous concept to the next.

Make sure you check out Love, Death, + Robots Vol. 3 on Netflix. Especially if you delight in pondering the existential, strange, and impossible future we’re all barreling toward with each grave mistake we make as a race determined to destroy ourselves.

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