October 5, 2022

VLADIMIR Putin had cancer in the past but “licked it” his pal film director Oliver Stone has claimed.

The Oscar-winning filmmaker’s claim comes amid rumours the Russian President has been ill for the past five years and is constantly surrounded by a team of doctors.

There has been speculation about Putin's health as recent pictures show him bloated


There has been speculation about Putin’s health as recent pictures show him bloatedCredit: Alamy
The filmmaker claims Putin has had cancer in the past


The filmmaker claims Putin has had cancer in the pastCredit: East2West
Stone and Putin have known each other since 2015


Stone and Putin have known each other since 2015

Stone was granted unprecedented access to the Kremlin leader over a two year period, for two in-depth interviews between 2015 and 2017.

Speaking in a new podcast Stone said that the Russian President had suffered from cancer and that he believed he had overcome it. 

“Remember this, Mr Putin has had this cancer and I think he’s licked it,” he told podcast interviewer Lex Fridman.

“But he’s also been isolated because of Covid.”

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Concerns about Putin’s health were sparked during the pandemic, as his deep isolation led to speculations he may be suffering from another medical condition.

He then imposed strict quarantine rules to his visitors who were forced to isolate for two weeks and pass through an elaborate disinfectant spraying machine before meeting him in person.

Explaining why Putin may have misjudged the invasion of Ukraine, Stone speculated that “perhaps he lost touch – contact – with people”.

It was not clear if Putin was getting the correct intelligence, he admitted. 

“You would think he was not well informed perhaps, about the degree of cooperation he would get from the [ethnic Russians] in Ukraine…

“That would be one factor, that he didn’t assess the situation correctly.” 

It could also be that his “isolation from normal activity” and no longer meeting people “face to face” due to health concerns for Putin over Covid may have led to errors. 

Earlier Stone said of Putin: “It’s been three years since I saw him for the last time, but the man I knew had nothing to do with the mad, irresponsible and murderous man that the media present today comparing him to Hitler and Stalin.

“The Putin I knew was rational, calm, always acting in the interest of the Russian people, a true son of Russia, a patriot, which does not imply a nationalist.”

His comments come amid speculation about Putin’s health with rumours suggesting he is currently suffering from cancer.

The Russian tyrant is widely reported to be suffering from cancer and Parkinson’s Disease with pictures showing his face bloated.

An insider has also claimed Mad Vlad has even missed his gymnast lover’s Alina Kabaeva’s birthday because he had to undergo an operation.

A top oligarch has claimed the Russian leader is “very ill with blood cancer,”

An investigation by Russian independent journalists found that Putin was surrounded permanently by a large medical team led by a specialist thyroid cancer surgeon. 

Another version is that he is suffering from abdominal cancer.

There are rumours in Moscow that he is due to face surgery for cancer imminently, and that he may put trusted aide Nikolai Patrushev, secretary of the Russian security council, in charge while he is incapacitated. 

In a recent video, Putin seemed to retch and splutter as he gripped the table for support during talks with ally Sergey Chemezov.

While an ex-Brit spy has claimed “cancer-riddled” Putin is constantly surrounded by doctors.

In April, a video circulated showing Putin “shaking uncontrollably” during a meeting with Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko.

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Rumours have swirled for some time that President Putin is suffering from a serious illness, and in March, the Kremlin was even forced to issue a statement, insisting that he was in good health.

Russia has always insisted Putin is in robust health. 

The two of them had met back in 2017 for an interview


The two of them had met back in 2017 for an interview
Putin appeared slumped in his chair in his recent TV appearance


Putin appeared slumped in his chair in his recent TV appearance

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