October 5, 2022

A DAUGHTER has exposed her dad as Australia’s Tinder Swindler to stop him from preying on vulnerable women.

Grant Greentree, has conned multiple women out of thousands, according to his daughter Isabella.

Isabella said her dad used her as a prop when she was younger


Isabella said her dad used her as a prop when she was youngerCredit: 60 Minutes
Grant has been accused of conning vulnerable women


Grant has been accused of conning vulnerable womenCredit: 60 Minutes
Kim said she started becoming suspicious when she met Grant's daughter


Kim said she started becoming suspicious when she met Grant’s daughterCredit: 60 Minutes

His latest alleged victim, Kim d’Alquen, from Melbourne, told 60 Minutes he managed to leave her over $200,000 out of pocket.

Isabella said: “He generally can’t comprehend that his lies are lies.

“I had a biological father but I never had a dad.

“I was prioritised because I was like a prop for him.

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“He had a very set idea of who he wanted me to be and how he wanted me to look.”

Grant met his new bride Kim via dating app Bumble, and quickly became serious.

He shared an emotional story about the last moments of his ex-wife Elizabeth who had died of cancer.

The pair got married in Yarra Valley in 2020 with Kim saying: “He was love-bombing. He was reeling me in very carefully.”

Grant allegedly promised his new wife he would receive a substantial superannuation payment once he turned 60.

In the meantime, she says she was paying for luxury holidays and everyday expenses, even though he boasted he had several properties across the world.

The couple checked million-dollar mansions in Melbourne’s suburbs with Grant even signing contracts before pulling out last minute.

It wasn’t until she met his daughter Isabella that she discovered Grant’s ex-wife was very much alive.

She said: “She mentioned that she’d had a piercing and that her mum didn’t like it, and she just started chatting about her mum.

“I thought, wow, this doesn’t sound like a dead widow.”

Isabella recalled her dad turn up the car’s radio and air-conditioning so his wife couldn’t hear her talking about her mum.

After that incident, Kim started becoming suspicious about her husband and started doubting everything he had told her about his finances and personal life.

Once Grant turned 60, Kim started asking questions about the superannuation payment and even threatened not to speak to him again until she saw the money.

She said it was at that point the “mask of the caring, loving soulmate fell away” as her husband turned into a ” scared, angry little man”.

She eventually left him, claiming he has left her $200,000 out of pocket.

She added: “Slowly boiling the frog, it was an analogy he used about things. 

“I think that’s what he did to me, slowly turned the heat up, slowly, slowly, pressure cooking. I was his cash cow. He didn’t want me to go.”

An investigation by the outlet found other women who claim they have been conned by Grant.

His high school sweetheart Mel Sexton said he promised he would pay her back the $33,000 he owed her once he would receive his sign-on bonus at his new job.

Kim said she knows she won’t see any part of the money as the law cannot do much for this type of “moral crime”.

She said: “He plays on your trust and that’s the worst kind of crime.

“If it’s a business situation there are bodies you can go to, there are ways you can try and claim something back or at least shut someone down. 

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“But in affairs of the heart, in anything that’s about a confidence trick, there’s no recourse for them, he can keep going.”

She concluded by saying Grant will keep conning innocent women all his life and said she was certain he would already have a new girlfriend.

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