October 4, 2022
Lauren Lane Reveals Baby Plans With Chris As Son Turns 1 – Hollywood Life

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Chris Lane and Lauren Lane are preparing to expand their family in the near future. “We haven’t really discussed timing, necessarily, but we both definitely want more children,” Lauren told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY while promoting her partnership with Wyndham for International Flight Attendant Day. “I am leaning towards, maybe, three kids, and Chris is like, ‘No we’re done at two.’ So it’ll be interesting to see where we compromise on that one. But obviously there’s no rush there, we can figure it out down the line.”

After growing up with three brothers and sisters, Lauren said she knew she wanted to give her son, Dutton, who turns one on June 8, siblings. “If that’s in our plans and we’re able to, which, hopefully we are, and hopefully sooner rather than later,” she admitted. “Chris is always like, ‘I’m getting older!’ and I’m like, ‘No you’re not.’ But I do kind of want them to be closer in age. My siblings and I were all about two years apart, so I think that’d be really fun.”

chris lauren lane
Chris and Lauren Lane at the ACM Awards. (Rob Latour/Shutterstock)

Of course, Lauren and Chris already have their hands full with a near one-year-old. Of his latest milestones, Lauren said Dutton is “really into pointing at things and making a noise.” She revealed that he also loves to “wave at everyone.” “He is the friendliest child in the entire universe,” she gushed. “He loves people so much. It’s so fun to watch their little personalities come out.”

Lauren has teamed up with Wyndham for the hotel chain’s “Extra Mile” initiative, which honors flight attendants on International Flight Attendant Day (May 31). The Extra Mile initiative will celebrate flight attendants as they check in at participating Wyndham locations around the U.S., offering them $10 gift cards to select retailers and gifting some lucky winners a weekend stay at the Wyndham hotel of their choice.

lauren lane
Lauren Lane promoting Wyndham’s Extra Mile initiative. (Courtesy of Wyndham)

Before rising to fame on The Bachelor, Lauren was actually a flight attendant herself, which is why this initiative was so important to her. “It really does take a lot of patience, in general, to do that job,” Lauren admitted. “I worked with so many wonderful people. I feel like every time I fly I get to meet new flight attendants that are just so sweet and doing such a great job, so they deserve it so much.”

Lauren told us that she thinks she still would be a flight attendant herself if her life didn’t take such a wildly different path after The Bachelor. However, the years she did work in the industry have prepared her for her role as a mom today. “Being a flight attendant helps you remain calm in a chaotic situation,” she explained. “I definitely 100 percent thank my flight attendant training for that skill.”

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